Kardashian Family

The Kardashian family gets alot of critisim for Kim's sex tape and how and why they're famous. Recently an individual said "Kim and her family are only famous because she sucked dick." Now lets take a guess as to how many people have actually done said actions to become famous, and failed...a lot. There was a very specific strategy constructed by both Kim and Kris Kardashian, in my opinion it is extremely impressive.


This family acheived ultimate fame, last time I checked it is almost imposible to look on a magazine cover and not see a blurb on the infamous family at least.  They have made America and the world care, whether they are loved or hated they are always talked about.

So to all the Kardashian "Haters" out there, stop and think, those ladies are a lot smarter than anyone gives credit. No matter how they act on their show, what/who they get photographed doing, they have been and I guarantee will remain relevant in both the entertainment and business industry.

Lets all sit back and watch what happens next, because love or hate them most of us care!